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Dedicated to the search for truth through scholarly pursuit

With heartfelt gratitude, welcome to Burton Beyond, where truth is the coin of the realm. If you are seeking information about the mysteries of existence, the adventure of living, the meaning of humanity, God, or anything in between, then you have come to the right place. My name is Dr. Judd H. Burton, and you could say I am an explorer, for I probe into the uncharted depths of existence, in search of truth. More importantly though, it is my duty to share the fruits of my research with you, which is the essence of Burton Beyond.

Burton Beyond is devoted to conducting sound research in the fields of archaeology, biblical studies, ethnology, folklore, history, mythology, paranormal studies, philosophy, and religion, which could collectively be described as paraethnology. As I am also an advocate of the vox populi (the voice of the people), research parameters also include social politics, economy, and wealth. That research is then disseminated to you the reader and scholar. I offer a number of services including speaking engagements, research, and instruction. There are also original articles and essays available for you to read at your liesure, so check back reguarly. Please visit the Burton Beyond store, offering original and edited works for sale.

I invite you now to investigate the site on your own. For more information on me, please see my biography (About Me) and my resume. Let me encourage you to also read available essays. I am certain everyone will find something that interests them. Godspeed and thank you for stopping by.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood

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