Curriculum Vitae

Judd H. Burton, Ph.D., D.D.


2010-Ph.D. in History. Texas Tech University.

Dissertation: Religion, Society, and Sacred Space at Banias: A Religious

History of Banias/Caesarea Philippi, 21 BC-AD 1635

Area of Specialization: Early Christianity and the Greco-Roman World

Fields: History of Religions, Rome, Early Modern Europe, 19th c. America

2004-M.A. in Anthropology, minor in History. Texas Tech University.

1999-B.A. in History. Hardin-Simmons University.

2006-Doctor of Divinity (Hon.), bestowed by World Christianship

2006-Ministerial Ordination


2019-Present. Director, Burton Beyond

2012-present Director & Senior Fellow, Institute of Biblical Anthropology

2010-2019 nstructor of History, South Texas College

2009-Humanities Instructor (Adjunct), Amarillo College, Amarillo, Texas

2009-Archaeology & Anthropology Instructor (Adjunct) West Texas A&M University.

2007-History Instructor (Adjunct), Amarillo College.

2004-2007-Anthropology and History Instructor, Amarillo College, Dumas, Texas

2003-2007-Dual Credit/AP U.S. History, Humanities, and Mythology Teacher, Dumas High School, Dumas, Texas

2001-Teaching Assistant, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

2000-2003-Historian, Gowen Research Foundation, Lubbock, Texas


2006-7-Class Instructor, Biblical Archaeology

2005-Museum Volunteer, Window on the Plains Museum, Dumas, Texas

2002-Texas Tech University Anthropological Symposium, Presentation

2001-Texas Tech University Anthropological Symposium, Presentation

2001-Teaching Assistantship, Anthropology, Texas Tech University

2000-present-West Texas Paranormal Research Society
2000-Texas Tech University Anthropological Symposium, Presentation

1998-1999-Class Instructor, Alternative and World Religions Class

1996-present-Ethnographic Studies on Neopagans


2013-Anthropometric Catalogue of Elongate Skulls, Paracas, Peru

2011-Archaeological Survey, Lampasas, Texas

2009-Archaeological Excavations, Cross-L site, Roberts County, Texas.

2000-present-Director Archaeological Survey Team, Lampasas, Texas (pioneer site)

2000-Archaeological Excavations at Presidio de San Saba at Menard, Texas
1999-Archaeological Lab Volunteer, Texas Tech University

1999-Archaeological Excavations at Banias, Israel


2021 “War of the Words,” Bulletin of the IBA

2017 Paneas, Religion in the Ancient City of Pan, IBA

2015 The Nephilim Dossier, IBA

2009 Interview with the Giant: Ethnohistorical Notes on the Nephilim. IBA.

2008 "Chemosh: Lord of the Moabites," Ancient History

2003 "The Burton Family," Merkel Area History

2002 "Dagon: Chief God of the Philistines," Encyclopedia Mythica: An Encyclopedia of Mythology, Folklore, and Legend (online)

2000 "Nephilim," Encyclopedia Mythica: An Encyclopedia on Mythology, Folklore, and Legend (online)


2020 Who’s Who

2018 Top 18 Alternative Researchers to Watch in 2017, Megalith Marvels

2017 Top 17 Alternative Researchers to Watch in 2017, Megalith Marvels

2013-2015 Nominated Distinguished Teaching and Learning Award

2008-2010-Helen Devitt Jones Graduate Scholarship.

2009-Texas Tech History Department Travel Fellowship.

2006-Who's Who Among America's Teachers

2005-Apple Award Nomination, Amarillo College

2005-Who's Who Among America's Teachers

2002-Lawrence Ray Clayton Scholar Award, Mosaic of Texas Culture

2000-present-Lambda Alpha Anthropological Honor Society, Active Member

2000-Montgomery Scholarship

1999-2nd Place, Regional Phi Alpha Thetha Conference Paper Competition, MSU

1996-present-Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society, Active Member

1995-Co-recipient of History Award (Cisco Junior College)


2007-Discipleship Committee Chair, First Christian Church, Dumas, Texas

2004-present-Panhandle Archaeological Society

2002-Presentation at Mosaic of Texas Culture Conference

2001-2002-Lambda Alpha Chapter Secretary

2000-Representative at Texas Archaeological Society Conference

2000-2001-President of Anthropological Society

2000-Member/Co-founder of West Texas Paranormal Research Society

1999-present-Classical Society, Active Member

1999-present-Anthropological Society, Active Member

1998-1999-Phi Alpha Theta Chapter Historian


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