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When I first envisioned the IBA I knew that teaching would be a component.  Taking stock of the state of the world, I knew believers would need to be equipped with greater knowledge of the supernatural--not a sensationalized commercial approach, but a biblically and scholarly grounded assessment of the supernatural.. The desire to meet God's will in this matter has produced the six  programs (12 courses each) of study below, comprised of over 70 courses.  I am pleased to make them available to you.

There are two student membership options.  The yearly is $250 for a 12 course program, is a substantial savings, and is available below.  The monthly is $27 per month for a 12 course program, and is available at the bottom of this page.

Biblical Anthropology

This is the flagship program of the IBA and consists of a study of the culture and history of the Biblical world.  Immerse yourself in courses like Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, courses in Biblical Anthropology, geography, ethnology, archaeology, as well as giantology and church history. Click below to register by purchase.

Biblical Demonology

This program explores the history and nature of the devil, fallen angels, and demons.  It is easily one of the most popular and most requested programs.  Learn in courses like diabolography, Biblical Demonology,  Ethnodemonology, and Church demonology. Click below to register by purchase.

Preternatural Morphology

“Monsters 101” or, as the esteemed Derek Gilbert calls it, “Monsterology--the Preternatural Morphology program has become the most popular program at the IBA. Examine Biblically  the beings that are both physical and supernatural in courses like vampirology, werewolves, chimerae, revenants, and more. Click below to register by purchase.

World Mythology

In this Odyssey through the mythologies of the world,, students will survey the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Greeks, Maya, Aztecs, and many others.  Twelve courses take you through the material with an eye toward Biblical and Divine Council Worldview implications.  Click below to register by purchase.

Ancient Near East Civilization

Take a tour in 12 courses into the history, culture, and religion of the lands that have long held the imagination of the west.  Explore Anatolia, the Levant, Mesopotamia, and Egypt, and their place in Biblical history.  Click below to register by purchase.

Mediterranean Civilization

Take a journey into the civilizations that dominated the Mediterranean in antiquity. Learn about the Minoans, Mycenaeans, Greeks, and Romans, and their connection to the Bible.  Click below to register by purchase.

Monthly Membership

You can register for any of the above programs for $27 per month.  Email me at professorburton@yahoo.com

to set up and register.


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