Welcome to the West Texas Institute for the Study of Paraethnology (WISP). The WISP is a division of Burton Beyond, and seeks to further the goals of Burton Beyond as a medium of scholarship and develoment of relevant method and theory. The ISP will provide materials toward the expansion of the field of paraethnology.

As noted on the home page, paraethnology, like its conventional counterpart, ethnology, is comparative over space and time. Archaeology, biblical studies, ethnology, folklore, history, mythology, paranormal studies, philosophy, and religion all fall within its parameters of study. Paraethnology, however, focuses more on preternatual manifestations in culture, rather than more readily categorized events and phenomena.

At present, the WISP seeks to provide the general public and other communities with information on this growing field via this website. Beyond, the official publication of Burton Beyond, deals with many paraethnological issues, and will be of value to interested parties. Long term goals include a quarterly peer-reviewed Journal of Paraethnology, expanded articles archives, research reports, and other services. Please check back regularly.

West Texas Paranormal Research Society

The WTPRS is the original investigative team comprising the field unit for WISP.  Established in 2000 by friends and researchers Judd Burton, Cliff Owen, and the late Matthew Cravens, the WTPRS began as a research think tank for investigating the paranormal with an eye towards the Biblical worldview.  Wes Burton (pictured above left, Judd's brother) joined in 2001.  They continue as the expeditioning arm of WISP, and have investigated numerous haunted sites, cryptid locations, and other spots of unexplained phenomena across Texas and the United States.


Coming soon, my good buddy and fellow traveler Cliff Owen and I will doing a show about our travels, fieldwork, the paranormal, and just about anything we are interested in.  Coming soon to a podcast platform near you!

The Paranormal Big Country


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